Composer / Music Producer
Costanza Francavilla

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A primary school class in the Swiss mountains embarks on an adventure to discover the mysteries of the universe, guided by the NASA  astrophysicist Stéphanie Juneau. The Big Bang, the birth of stars, Supernovas, black holes, planet Earth... the kids soon come to realize: mystery - like the universe – has no bounds. Over the course of the weeklong journey into astronomy, the children discover that everything - from the infinitely small to the infinitely large - is connected, and they are part of it. 

Camille Budin

Festivals & Awards
Visions Du Reel International Film Festival (Nyon, Switzerland)  
KinderDocs (Athens, Greece)
Search for Women Festival (Moscow, Russia)
Festival dei Popoli (Florence, Italy)





Music written & produced by Costanza Francavilla

Costanza Francavilla
Vocals, Children Kalimba, Tibetan Bowls, Quarz Bowls, Chrystal Pyramids, Percussions, Synths, Strings Arrangements,  Electronics, Programming, Mixing 

Stefano Cabrera

Rafael Anton Irisarri


“Children and the Universe. The Innocence and the Mystery. The Pureness and the Infinite. It was very challenging at the beginning to imagine the score for this special film. My intention was to create a link between the kids and the Cosmos , with a delicate soundtrack that could represent the children world but that also had a “spiritual” tension to the Universe. I wanted to make something sparse and minimal, ethereal. But that could give a sense of Infinity.  So I used mainly my daughter music toys, in particularly a children Kalimba, playing very simple melodies - that any child could play -  but processed in an almost 100% feedback reverb and delay effects to create a sense of never-ending space, like floating into an interstellar dimension.  And for the “cosmic” sounds, I imagined how the space and the universe could resonate…  I ended up using all spiritual instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Bowls, Crystal Pyramids… These instruments are often used for meditation and sound-healing practices.. the fact that they can be played moving the stick around the bowls in “circle” in an infinite continuous vibration made me choose them as the main sonic palette for the score…  to create a space-time journey thru a meditative state in the mind of a child.  I used also the cello to represent the deepness of the night sky in contrast with my ethereal humming voice, as a lullaby to the stars”. Costanza Francavilla