Costanza Francavilla is an Italian composer and music producer based in Ibiza.
She combines the use of analog / modular synthesizers and sound manipulation mixing electronica with classical music, with an evocative and minimalist approach.

Her sultry vocals and electronic dreamlike compositions fascinated Massive Attack member Tricky, with whom she collaborated for several years as a singer and co-producer.
He would referred to her as 'the female version of me’.

At young age she studied classical guitar at the Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome.
She holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from the Westminster University of London and University La Sapienza of Rome, with a thesis in Acoustic Physics. 

Throughout her carrier she's been performing with many acts in prestigious festivals and venues around the world including Royal Festival Hall, Glastonbury (UK), Sonar (ES), Montreaux Jazz Festival.

In the mid 2000 she moves to Brooklyn where she founded ZEROKILLED MUSIC - a record label and artist's collective - home of a sound that floats between electronic, neo-classical and experimental music specializing in compositions for film and visual media.

While living in NYC she’s been producing and collaborating with several underground Brooklyn artists including No Surrender, Apollo Heights/ The Veldt from the Tv On The Radio afropunk scene. 

She produces and writes music for movie trailers and her credits include “Blade Runner 2049”, (starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford), “Counterpart”, (Starz TV Show with Oscar winner J.K. Simmons)  “The Hunger Games”, “The Beguiled” (by Sofia Coppola).

As a film composer her recent works include “Friedkin Uncut” (official selection doc-classics at Venice Film Festival 2018) , a documentary about cult Hollywood director William Friedkin starring Quentin Tarantino, Francis Ford Coppola, Damiem Chazelle, Matthew McConaughey) ; “The End of Time” by visionary film-maker Peter Mettler (TIFF Selection - featuring music by Robert Henke and Richie Hawtin);  “S is For Stanley” about Stanley Kubrick (winner at "Davide di Donatello"); “Free Men” premiered at the International Festival of Human Rights;

She has an ongoing collaboration with composer Emanuele de Raymondi (“Cuori Puri” - Cannes Film Festival Quinzaine) and 99Posse founder & film composer Marco Messina (“Martin Eden” - Venice Film Festival)

Her music has been featured in advertising campaigns such as Cadillac, Netflix and US TV Shows such as Emmy Awards winner CSI among  others.

In 2019 she worked with acclaimed Italian singer/songwriter Niccolo Fabi, for whom she wrote and produced several songs from the album “Tradizione e Tradimento” contributing with her evocative electronica and dreamy modular synths. 

Since she moved in Ibiza in 2016 she’s been exploring ways of vibroacoustic & sound-wave therapies that include the use of meditation instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, Chrystals, Hand Pans.
Her live ambient set includes such instruments combines with her vocals and modular synthesizers guiding the audience into a dreamlike-state thru Binaural Beat stimulation in Theta EEG brain-wave frequencies. 

Her new record label - Between Silence - focuses on the releases of her experimental /ambient works (Children of The Universe - 2019,  Encoded Dreamers - 2019) and sound-art projects dwelling in the contemplative electronic and neo-classical realm.

With her family she lives in the idillic country-side of Ibiza where she founded IbizaBloomStudio - a recording studio/ film editing suite and artist residency.